Launch Digital Products & A Mobile App Your Clients Rave About!
How To Launch Digital Products & A Mobile App Your Clients Rave About
Without Hiring a Techy, Agency or Sharing Your Revenue
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Hey there! My name is Matthias Bellmann and I am the founder and CEO of Since 2014 we’ve helped experts deliver their message to the audience it deserves.

Matthias Bellmann

Founder & CEO of, Serial Entrepreneur and Tech-Visionary
"Our mission is to transform 10 million lives by 2022 by enabling the most successful people to share their message with the world"
Do you feel it's getting more and more difficult to grow your business with social media, offline services, online products or coaching?

At we have worked with 32 authors, coaches and influencers to launch highly successful digital products and mobile apps. In total we’ve impacted over 107,143 men and women with our co-produced products.

To celebrate 50 product launches at Passion, a ton of successful subscription models and multiple 6 and 7 figure programs, we’re sharing our proven system... for the first time!...

The goal of the Masterclass Coaching is to enable you to launch your OWN digital products and mobile app - so you impact thousands of clients yourself! You will have a highly successful continuity program where people are recommending friends and purchasing other products from you (AKA moving up your value ladder - but we’ll explain that later) every. single. day. All the while securing a consistent monthly income from doing what you love.

...Isn’t that cool?  

Why do we want YOU to join this program? 

Because our mission is to change 10 million lives, and marketing mastery is just one piece of the puzzle. We need products that have such a huge impact to users lives.
No More Guessing - We'll Show You How To Get Best Results
Master The 5 Proven Stages To Launch Your Digital Products

STAGE #1: Craft Your Perfect Offer & Mobile App

✓ The Most Effective Technique To Find Out What Your Customers REALLY Want
✓ How To Create A Highly Engaging Membership Without Constantly Adding Content
✓ How To Build Your Top-Notch Mobile App Without A Tech Team or Agency

STAGE #2: Build Your Ultimate Sales Funnel

✓ The Highest Converting Sales Funnel Nobody Talks About
✓ How To Solve The Pricing Question Without A/B Tests
✓ How You Can Forecast Your Funnel Performance Before Sending Traffic

STAGE #3: Get Traffic The Smart Way

✓ How To Get Huge Initial Traction Without Paid Marketing
✓ The Smartest Way To Grow Your Audience Across Channels
✓ How To Stay On Top Of Your Numbers Even If Math Isn't Your Favorite Subject

STAGE #4: Optimize To Rock Your Conversion

✓ How You Can Set Up A/B Testing The Easy Way
✓ Which Things To Test First And How To Execute Testing
✓ How You Can Ethically Stalk Your Competitors For Inspiration

STAGE #5: Ascend Your Clients Up In Value

✓ How To Convert Your Clients To Pay You $50, $100, $1,000 And Even More
✓ How You Can Use Membership Funnels For Passive Income
✓ How You Can Reduce Your Churn Rate By Increasing Impact On Your Clients
On top of that, we'll answer all your most pressing questions, like:
  •  How to track your performance and membership engagement the best way - without overcomplicating it
  •  How to get around all the tech complications by using proven tools
  •  How to get your clients to help each other and reduce your customer service effort
  •  How to know exactly what to do next - even when nothing seems to work
  •  And MANY more...
At the end of the Passion Masterclass Coaching you'll be celebrating your impact on thousands of happy customers and work on what you love every day.

Are you ready to get coaching truly relevant to your business and personal goals? Yes? Then click the button below to apply!
Here's What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Christmas Abbott

“They are so organized, they make it super easy, super simple. They had an entire team, so when I showed up, they were ready to work! We made a lot of magic in a few days.

One of the main reasons I love to work with is that I absolutely love the product they produce. They guaranteed to double my current income. I wanted to test this and they blew it out the water!”

Ed Checo from BarStarzz

“The followers LOVE the programs I created with They are able to log in, track their progress, they are able to have workouts when they wanna have workouts, and it's something that keeps them challenged. Working with Passion is one of the best decisions I've personally made.

I have full faith in They are a really great company and they've done a really great job putting it together!”

Eileen Wilder

“You can never go broke, investing in yourself. I think the smartest people in the world get coached... Why? You will always make back that investment...

[Passion have] launched the best products, the best continuity... They're telling you exactly what to say, exactly how to do it... They've mastered traffic [and] they know how to help you make an app. It's just a no brainer... You should give them your money.”
Watch the video below for more insights from Eileen...
So How Does The Passion Masterclass Coaching Work?
If you get through these stages of the application you will be able to join the Passion Masterclass Coaching! 

During these calls we look for applicants Passion dreams of working with: those with businesses dedicated to giving value to the world, the people who are determined to follow through and act on what they learn and are determined to see results and learn from their mistakes - they never fall on the first hurdle.

If you qualify, you will be offered this amazing package which includes the most effective combination of coaching calls, live events, unlimited email support and online content:
  •  Bi-weekly coaching calls with Product & Marketing experts to fast track your success and discuss individual strategies
  •  Unlimited email support & reviewing of copy, pages, products & launch plans. This way you always have a second pair of expert eyes on your content
  •  Two Masterclass strategy weekends per year in Berlin, Germany where you get your entire business model dissected by experts and other Masterclass members
  •  BONUS #1: Access to the Success Vault. Unlimited recommendations of top-notch content for any product or marketing challenge
  •  BONUS #2: Unlimited access to the Launch Blueprints for creating offers, products, funnels & running traffic's Digital Products & Mobile Apps Have Helped Over
Men and Women Transform Their Lives
A few inspiring people we have worked with

Christmas Abbott
Best-Selling Author & CrossFit Competitor
1.4m+ followers

Ed Checo
Founder of the Barstarzz Movement
2.5m+ followers

Miesha Tate
UFC World Champion
4.9m+ followers

Michael Jai White
Director, Actor and Martial Artist
6.5m+ followers

Al Kavadlo
Bodyweight Exercise Thought Leader
120k+ followers

Lauren Bath
Australia’s First Professional Instagrammer 
480k+ followers

Lauren Drain
Best-Selling Author
5.5m+ followers

Invincible Worldwide
Total Body Mastery Movement
110k+ followers

Yvonne Maffei
Founder of "My Halal Kitchen"
1.2m+ followers
Some of your most asked questions
If you can’t find your answer here, just contact us directly:
How will I get customers to buy my products?
We're experts on the 3 main channels for promoting the products:
  •  Social Media: We show you how to write social media posts that sell your products and grow your audience at the same time.
  •  Email: We have a team of experienced email funnel and copywriting experts, who'll teach you how to grow, nurture and monitor your email list.
  •  Ads: We’ve PROFITABLY invested over $1,000,000 in advertising for our digital products. We'll teach you how to do the same.
Why does exist?
Our mission is to transform 10 million lives by 2022 by enabling the most successful people to share their top skills with the world. 

That's why we give experts, like you, the platform and knowledge to share your message with the world, as well as the physical tools to impact lives everywhere.
How much money can I make with digital products?
Basically there is no upper limit on how much you can earn with digital products. The Perfect Offer & Customer Research Stage helps you find a burning need in your market. Then we show you how to solve this need. It’s not complicated, and it works.
What if I already have digital products?
Firstly, congrats! It’s not easy building something and bringing it to the market.
A lot of our Partners already had digital products when they came to In our experience you’re probably leaving significant money on the table! And that’s what we would love to help with. If you haven’t got a specialist taking care of your email marketing and paid marketing campaigns, there are a lot more monetization opportunities out there for you.
How can I get started?
Just click on “Apply” and fill out the short form. Then if your application is accepted, our coach will arrange a call with you to give you insights on your business model and how we can help you grow - right away! 
Can you show me some of the courses you’re most proud of?
No worries. Check,, or 
Just send us an email if you want to get access to the secure member’s area.
What are you waiting for?
Do you want to monetize your skills with a passion app & change people’s lives? Then you're in the right place!

You could start a journey today which will take you to places you could never have imagined. You'll have more focus in the areas of your business that truly matter. You'll be able to create and launch highly engaging digital products and mobile apps now and for years to come. You'll gain intensive knowledge that will help you bring your business to the next level.

We've seen the Passion System help over 107,143 people transform their lives. Would you like to add your own thousands of clients to that number?

There's no risk and no commitment. Apply today - and I promise you'll never look back.
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